The Bull Operating rules.

New Measures from 14th September 2020 .

We would like to thank you for all your support and understanding during this time and for helping make our pub a safe yet social place for all to enjoy.  The world of the pub has indeed changed and as well as wanting to make the experience fun we also want to create a safe environment for you and our team.

We will be opening the upstairs bar for ease of service and full table service will be given . Due to the new government guidelines we have issued the following procedures that we ask are adhered to. We understand that this is different to the normal so we have put these measures in place to ensure we can operate smoothly and safely. We understand there is a lot to read but we have managed to try to put 42 pages of compliance into the below. If we all do not comply this could end up in the closure of our lovely pub. We thank you for your understanding.


 We now have an online table booking form. This can be booked through our website
 We cannot take bookings through Facebook or social media. These platforms are not constantly managed at all times.
 Tables must be booked in advance through our website or if you do not have access to the internet you can call us to check availability.
 You can book inside, upstairs or our outside area.
 Please be aware that if you have not booked a table through our online app and just arrive at the pub there may be a chance we will not be able to accommodate you. If we do have a free table you can book this on site or if you do not have access to a website we can do this on your behalf. However this cannot be guaranteed. We will not be serving people on pavements or operating a queue system. We are also not allowed to have people standing.
 If you have been allocated or booked a table it is now a legal requirement that we record who has been on our premises. This is in case of an outbreak of COVID-19 in the area so you can be contacted. This will be secured on our online booking system and data protection laws apply. If you do not book and walk in there is a QR code on the bar area for you to scan and enter your details.
 Tables can only be held for 20 minutes. As we are staggering bookings to avoid queues and maintain a safe environment we have to stick to this.
 Tables are limited to 2.5 hour time limits. You can book a double slot but a minimum spend of £20 per person is required for the second slot.
 We have an even amount for dining only tables and drinking and dining.
 If you have booked a table for the garden area and in the event of bad weather on the day please call us in the morning to either cancel your table or we will offer you an inside table if possible.  we have three outdoor bench tables that are under cover and seat six with is the maximum number of people allowed to sit together.  Please do let us know if you cannot make your booking to enable us to offer the table to someone else.  We ask that a 48 hours notice is given where possible. 


 Tables have been set to a minimum of one metre apart.
 Inside and Outside you are now allowed a maximum of six people to be sat togther from different households.  All tables will have a minimum of 1 metre distance between them. Social distancing of one metre plus between tables must be adhered to. You cannot swap over seats and move tables together.
 Each table will have a number and you can order drinks and food and pay from your table through our new secure app and through our website. All our menu and drinks selection are available on our site for you to order. Your order will come through to our till system and you will be served your drinks and/or food.
 If you do not have access to the internet we will provide sanitised menus and take your order as usual. We can then bring the card machine over at the end of your meal or if drinking only when we serve your drinks. If you choose this option you will be provided with a table flag which we ask you to raise if you want service or keep down if you do not.
 We cannot allow people to wander around the pub unless you are going to the bathroom. We ask that the one way system is followed. Children must stay seated at their table inside and outside and must be accompanied by an adult when going to the bathroom.
 Standing and sitting at the bar is not allowed.
 Dogs are allowed inside but must be kept on a lead.
The outdoor patio garden is a no smoking area.


 Hand sanitizer stations are in place all over the premises please do use them.
 Please do stay seated at your table unless using the bathroom. We love to talk and sit at the bar and with people as well but are currently not allowed to mix as freely as we used to! This is to protect you, our team and all our other customers. You can of course socialise with the tables next to you but not sit with them!
 All areas with traffic and that are touched will be sanitized every hour.
 All seating will be sprayed with disinfectant before and after the use of each customer
 All tables will be sanitized before and each person’s use.
 The bar area will be sanitized every hour


 Toilets will be monitored and cleaned every hour with a sign off procedure in place
 Ladies toilets. Only two people in the ladies toilets at any time. There will be floor markers to enable a queue of no more than two persons.
 Men’s toilets. Only three people allowed in the men’s toilet at any one time. We can only allow one person to queue outside.


 All of our team have been temperature checked before their shift and checked a form to confirm they have no symptoms or been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.
 We have provided masks and gloves which are not mandatory but are there for use.  If you wish for a member of our team to wear a mask around you they will not be offended please just let them know.   We want you to feel safe and comfortable.
 All our team have undergone training on how to operate safely and efficiently but please be aware that they are not experts in diseases!
 Hand sanitizer is all over the site and everyone can use it. Please do!
 If anyone is not adhering to social distancing and the government requirements and a member of our team has requested that you do and you continue to refuse then for the safety of them and our customers you will be asked to leave.
 A heightened cleaning regime is in place
 Full risk assessments have been carried out.
 If you see anything you do not feel comfortable with then please just let us know.

We know this is lots to take in but we do have to create a fun, social yet safe environment for all to enjoy and with your help we can do this. It is new to all of us so please be patient and understanding.

Thank you for coming back to us!